Gift Guide: Husband Birthday Gifts

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At MallfortheWorld, it’s our goal to provide you with access to a plethora of great stores that will supply goods to fulfill your every need – from daily occasions to special events. For example, if your husband’s birthday is coming up or if you’re just interested in getting a head start on thinking of some great gifts for him, allow us to help! We’ve provided a list of many great gifts for husbands that will help give you inspiration in determining what to get him for his upcoming birthday.

A Tie

This is probably the bread and butter when it comes to gifts for husbands. It’s even become incredibly cliché in its usage as a present. No, it may not be flashy or even remotely fun, but it’s become such a staple when it comes to gifts for men because it’s such a simple present that’s almost impossible to screw up. Virtually any high-quality tie is a decent purchase as he can mix and match it to one of his suits. Speaking of which…

Purchase an Armani Collezioni Stud-Pattern Black Silk Tie at Neiman Marcus.

A Suit or Dress Clothes

If you’re going to purchase some clothes for your husband’s birthday, you should consider getting him a great-looking suit. Let’s be honest – plenty of men certainly don’t put the amount of time and effort needed into making sure that they look their absolute best. That’s where you come in to help! By finding him a fantastic suit, you’ll make sure that he’ll be able to put his best foot forward for any important events he has to go to.

Purchase a Dolce & Gabbana Men 2-Button Martini 3-Piece Wool Suit Black at Blue Fly.

A Watch

If your husband wears watches, you should consider upgrading his look by getting him something that’s truly stylish. Watches may have lost much of their usefulness now that everyone carries around cellphones to tell them what time it is, but they definitely haven’t lost any of their style as a great watch can make a man look even better.

Purchase a Men’s Diamond-Accent Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch at Macy’s.


What woman doesn’t want a man that smells great? If you fall into that category (you certainly do!), you should consider getting him some wonderful-smelling cologne for his birthday. And honestly speaking, this gift is probably going to be just as much for you, but you know…that’s completely okay too!

Purchase Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani at FragranceNet.

A Suitcase

Perhaps your husband or the both of you have a trip planned sometime soon. Why not have him travel with style with a brand-new suitcase? While you can place a premium on the appearance of the suitcase if you like, our favorite attribute of modern suitcases is having a wheeled option – a necessary feature if a person is lugging plenty of stuff around.

Purchase a TLS Mother Lode 29” Wheeled Duffel at eBags.

Home Workout Equipment

Many men enjoy taking care of their bodies (they’re much better at it than taking care of their own wardrobe!). It’s not uncommon for a man to have a gym membership and make several trips to the gym every week. Well, why not make it a bit easier for him by bringing the gym to your own home? By getting him some home workout equipment, you’ll be able to give him the opportunity to engage in the same training regimen without even having to leave the house.

Purchase a Marcy 150-Pound Stack Home Gym at Overstock.

Car Accessories

For many men, their car is simply an extension of themselves. Since they love their car so much, you can always get him some accessories for his car. You could get him car accessories that include rims, floor mats, grille guards, or any of a number of other ways to help soup up his car.

Purchase Husky Liners Heavy Duty Floor Mats – Black Rubberized/Thermoplastic at Auto Parts Warehouse.

Google Home

Honestly, what guy isn’t into gadgets? For the men that want to stay on the forefront on new and innovative technology, we recommend getting him a Google Home. Google Home offers many different advanced and helpful features, such as making calls, streaming music, answering questions, adjusting home alarms or thermostats, and so much more. Best of all, it’s all operated by voice for maximum convenience. Let your husband experience the wave of the future with this technological marvel.

Purchase Google Home at Urban Outfitters.

A PlayStation 4

Who says video games are just for kids? Certainly not us! Many men are just oversized children at heart and would love nothing more than to unwind and play some video games in their downtime. For these guys, we suggest purchasing a PlayStation 4 for them. Sure, it may cause you to lose him for hours at a time, but if it truly makes him happy, then that’s what matters the most!

Purchase a PlayStation 4 Slim 1 TB Console at Newegg.

Retro Consoles

If your husband already has a PlayStation 4, consider getting him a retro console, especially if he’s been a gamer for a while and appreciates the classics. Though SNES Classics are the hot item this year, it’ll likely be tough to find one. As an alternative, you can get a Sega Genesis console that comes preinstalled with nearly 100 games. It may have finished a distant second to the SNES, but it still makes for a great gift that can restore plenty of classic memories.

Purchase a Sega Genesis Classic Game Console at Urban Outfitters.

Fishing Rods or Equipment

Speaking of ways for men to spend their downtime, how about a more active and outdoor option? If your husband likes spending some of his free time outside, a fishing rod would be an excellent choice for him. Even if he’s already an avid fisherman and has all the basic equipment, you can still purchase things like handy tackle boxes or fishing lures to assist him.

Purchase a Cronos Bass Spinning Rod at Newegg.

A Camera

If you have a husband who’s into photography or if he even just enjoys being the one to take pictures when there are get-togethers, why not surprise him with a new, high-tech camera? A high-quality camera will allow him to get the best possible shots whether he’s using it for professional purposes or just for recreation.

Purchase a Canon PowerShot SX540 HS Digital Camera at Newegg.

Cat Toys

Not all great gifts for men have to be directly for them. After all, what better way to please a man than by getting a gift for man’s best friend? That’s right – you should get him something for his cat! Cats are the most adorable creatures roaming the planet and just watching those little guys amuse themselves with fun toys can provide more joy and entertainment for a person than any gift that’s designed for a human. Whether you get a basic wand cat toy, an electronic mouse, or an elaborate cat house/hotel/playground, they all can provide plenty of entertainment until kitty gets tired and just wants to go to sleep. And even then, you still won’t want to look away!

Purchase a Deluxe Playground Cat Tree House with Cat-IQ Busy Box and Rope at Overstock.

Gift Cards

Sure, it’s a simple and easy gift to buy, but simple and easy works. Most men don’t happen to be very picky when it comes to their gifts, but the problem with that is that sometimes you may not have a clear direction or any idea of what he truly wants for his birthday. By purchasing him a gift card, you’ll be able to save yourself all the headaches about what to get someone who seemingly doesn’t really care too much about what he gets. We’d suggest getting a gift card for a store like eBay where there’s a massive selection of goods, meaning that there’s pretty much no way that he won’t find something that suits his needs perfectly.

Purchase a $100 Gift Card at eBay.