US Stores with 4th of July Deals

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As your leading choice for online shopping in the UAE, we at MallfortheWorld strive to make the task of shopping online as convenient as it can possibly be. Our MallfortheWorld app features over 100 great and trusted stores that offer a variety of goods, from clothing to beauty products to car parts. We’re not just going to stop at that either – we want to save you some money as well! July 4th is coming up soon, which will be a popular time for sales. We’d like to help you take advantage of this holiday and find you some great deals.

Current 4th of July Sales

July 4th is still about a month away, but some stores are starting to let the public know that they’ll be running sales for the 4th of July holiday. While most of the specifics of these sales aren’t known yet, we’d still like to alert you to the stores that will be providing discounts around July 4th. We’ll be keeping an eye on these stores and updating you later when we learn more about them.

  • will be running a ‘Biggest Sale Ever’ with sales on a variety of shoes, clothes, and handbags.
  • Abercrombie is going to hold a 4th of July summer sale with up to 60 percent off all clearance items.
  • American Eagle is going to hold a 4th of July sale with up to 60 percent off.
  • Bare Necessities will have a sale with swimwear up to 50 percent off.
  • Bath and Body Works will have a 4th of July semi-annual sale with up to 75 percent off.
  • Bluefly is having a 4th of July sale with shoes up to 25 percent off and new arrivals up to 50 percent off.
  • Macy’s will be running a 4th of July sale with an extra 25 percent off clearance items and limited time specials.
  • Neiman Marcus will be having an up-to-55 percent off sale on wear-now styles.
  • Nordstrom is going to have a 4th of July sale with up to 60 percent off on handbags and jewelry.
  • Old Navy will have a 4th of July sale with up to 60 percent off everything in the store.

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