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Athleta is a subsidiary of Gap that was created in 2009. Like its name suggests, Athleta specializes in women’s athletic clothing. Athleta offers workout clothes, yoga pants, running clothes, casualwear, swimsuits, sneakers, and outfits for virtually any possible athletic activity you can think of. With MallfortheWorld, the world’s largest cross border eCommerce platform, you’ll be able to shop at Athleta and over 100 other trusted and well-known stores all from the comfort of your own home. In addition, you’ll be able to get all your purchases from Athleta and any of our other featured stores shipped directly to you at a much more reasonable price than you’ll find anywhere else.

Why Choose Athleta?

Athleta features one of the largest selections of women’s athletic clothing that you’ll find anywhere. Their clothing is designed to be comfortable so that you can compete or train at your best at all times. Athleta has a dedication to innovation that shows in their advanced clothing. It’s their goal to create clothing that allows customers to have the premium performance they need so that they can reach their limitless potential in both athletics and life. Athleta also offers multiple trusted and comfortable clothing lines like Powervita and Sculptek that provide powerful compression and unbelievable softness.

Shop Online for Athleta Today!

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